About My Boxes


My name is Bruce Buteyn. Boxes by Bruce is an opportunity for me to devote time to my lifelong love of woodworking.


For years I have been building small decretive boxes as gifts for family and friends. 

I am now making a limited number available for sale.


Features that make my boxes stand out

My small boxes are hand crafted keepsakes made of figured wood and finished with oil and wax, making them appealing to the eye and hand.

I have incorporated techniques taught by Rob Cosman, a well-known master craftsman and teacher.  


All my boxes have a unique Hidden Wood Hinge.


Hidden Wood Hinge from the inside of the box.



My boxes have a type of box joint that cannot be cut with a router and a jig.


We can laser engrave the boxes to make a memorable commemorative gift.


Close up of laser engraved commemorative box.

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Boxes by Bruce

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